Watch Project Runway Season 12 Episode 3 Online

Watch Project Runway Season 12 Episode 3 Online The show set out with some of sinister armed guards showing on the runway, and plenty of speculation on what it meant, however i believe the designers were really a lot of intimidated once Heidi appeared carrying the button bag.



The models strutted onto the runway adorned in sparkly jewels necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on loan from the Diamond District. Gorgeous. And valued at nearly $30 million greenbacks in total! The challenge this week: style a glance that might best showcase the gorgeous jewellery. Designers selected their models there have been many model/designer pairings that modified primarily based as designers picked the jewellery that galvanized them most. and that they have at some point to try to to it.

After selecting their models and disbursement a while sketching, the designers headed to Mood, armed with their total $4,000 cloth take into account the whole series at their disposal. i believe this new twist with them managing their pay might be attention-grabbing. Some designers undoubtedly spent a lot of on lavish materials, whereas others reigned it in and can have extra money to blow on later comes assumptive they survive the cuts however nobody went very round the bend.

Timothy lived up to his Most Annoying Designer name once more this episode. initial by asserting, “I’m not galvanized by jewellery. I’m not galvanized by cash. we’ve got to select the prettiest diamond and that i assume that that’s terribly superficial.” Then by eschewing the bolts of cloth lining Mood’s aisles and instead dig through cast-offs and remnants sitting in garbage baggage within the back area, self-justified by his “sustainable” planning practices. Oh, Timothy, you’re most higher than the remainder folks. Not.

The drama begins early once they come to Parsons, with Sandro taking some digs at Ken (who we tend to haven’t seen a lot of of however this season). Justin, as he aforementioned he would, handily removed his hearing aid to avoid the distraction. Love him. Sandro very will appear to be AN dictatorial bully and if his behavior wasn’t dangerous enough on last night’s show, his shirt actually was.

Back within the room, the designers area unit heads down and, for the foremost half, appear to air the correct track. Kate’s style shows immediate promise as she constructs in a veryll|one amongst|one in every of} her now-signature corsets in a soft blue hue and shows Tim her plans for the soft cloth folds which will frame the remainder of the robe. Alexander doesn’t have kind words for her creation, however, job it a Vivienne Westwood clone and deriding her lack of originality. Bradon appears to air track with a slinky silver robe created out of material cloth, and Dom is functioning with a beautiful white and emerald inexperienced print that works fantastically with the diamond-and-emerald jewels her model are going to be sporting. Tim warns her to stay it elegant and not let it go beach frock, and she or he appears to require his notes well.

But not everything is rosy within the room. Train-Wreck Timothy shows Tim his bargain-bin creation, that consists of some significant blue velvet gathered at the waist, a white chiffon high, and an oblong piece of cloth of velvet abused  on the chest to hide the breast space. WTF? Following his critique with Tim, he appears a lot of confused than ever and shuffles round the room asking totally different designers for facilitate.

Helen, despite bragging that she had this challenge within the bag, appears to be troubled yet. Her colours area unit dismal and her style is way too bold to be achieved within the restricted time they need. Despite counselling from Tim to modify her style and focus, focus, focus, Helen of Troy sticks to her guns and insists, “I assume I’m progressing to blow his mind, like hardcore.” Hmmm.

Kahindo is troubled yet. The graphic silk charmeuse print she picked up at Mood is inflicting her issues she can’t make out the way to handle the print or the material, having ne’er seamed charmeuse before. once Tim stops by for consultation and notices the puckering round the hole form she’s created for the rear of the top, he suggests she modification directions and ad a layer of dark inexperienced chiffon to tone down the print and conceal a number of the development flaws. Silly Tim. Don’t you recognize you can’t hide flaws on the runway? particularly not with the close-up look the judges area unit taking this season.